Interview Know-how?

Best interview advice for someone looking for a career after their first job out of college?

Get really good at telling the story of your experience, skills and strengths in under two minutes. Every first interview you have will start with the question "tell me about your background and why you applied for X." You'll have to tailor the latter part for each role you're applying for, but the bit about your background you can refine and get good at it. Practice in front of a mentor, parent, professor or friend. Good luck!

I find questions about problem solving can form the crux of a successful interview. This is an essential skill for any prospective employee and, conceptually, you can have experience with problem solving in your working life and beyond. Showcasing problem solving skills can compensate for a perceived lack of work experience.

Use all of your resources, reach out to your network, apply to jobs through boards, use a recruiter, go to networking events/meet ups. Your career is just starting and is more about the people you meet and make connections with along the way, than the actually job. Especially early on!

Spend the time on your resume and cover letter for each job. You want them to be unique and really speak to your strengths for that role at that company. I missed a lot of job opportunities because I was using a generic template and was never hearing back. Only until I started investing a few hours on each application did I start hearing replies back.

For your first job, the challenge is simply getting your start. Be open to new opportunities at companies big and small. Be open to job titles you've never heard of, and follow what interests you.

Also, remember that your first job won't be your forever job. You'll probably move within a few years so look for a job that can get you started and then see where life takes you.

I think the best thing for me was signing up for a lot of different sites.,,, and a bunch of other ones have been really helpful. There's a ton of jobs out there and they're on a bunch of different sites/apps.