We’re super excited to announce the launch of our newest feature Kudos. Kudos allows advice seekers to give a big “THANKS!” to Huttlers who help them out with their career challenges.

According to U.S census data, 40% of the nation’s unemployed are millennials which translates to 4.6 million young people out of work, and the number of employed young people making less than $25,000 a year has spiked significantly to the highest levels in more than a quarter century. We’ve built Huttle because we want to connect college students and recent graduates with successful professionals in order to tackle their career challenges and help improve the earning potential of the next generation. With our newest features, Kudos, we’re further cementing Huttle as the premier destination to ask and receive career help.

Since our launch, we’ve spent the majority of our time creating the best advice-asking experience possible, launching features like Stealth Mode and Following. 

With Kudos, we wanted to create something for our dedicated community of advice-givers and allow the community to give thanks to members who give exceptional advice.

Below each comment, you’ll now see a link that reads, “Give Kudos”. Once clicked, a Huttler can write why they’re giving feedback to the advice giver. For example, a user can say, “Thanks for the amazing advice. It helped me land a job!”. Once submitted, the kudo will be visible on the user’s profile page for everyone to see.

When we develop products, our number one question is, “Will this help Huttle become a better community to help people with their careers?” Because Kudos provides badges of honor for our advice-givers to share with their professional network, we believe that both the advice-seeker and the advice-giver can receive new value out of the mentor and mentee relationship.