I'm a female, 27 yr old, living in the Bay Area. I graduated college in 2012, have worked in the tech industry doing entry level jobs but nothing exciting. I know I want to change my job and do something meaningful, but I don't know what it is I want and how to move towards it.

Background: I lived at home throughout college, live with my parents now, don't have many friends, don't go out much. I mainly spent these past few years chilling at home by myself, smoking weed, going out here and there, not much dating (1 date in 3 years). I'm not reckless, I've saved up a lot living at home, I have a decent job, I help my parents and younger brother with bills, I'm a good person. I just feel I'm boring, wasting my youth, and not living life with passion and feeling trapped being this way but not being able to take action. Thoughts on this?