Just Gave Presentation For Final Round Interview - How Do I Set Up The Thank You Emails?

I've been gunning for my dream job for four months and three rounds of interviews. Today was the final step, a presentation given to 14 executives of the department.

They seemed to enjoy the presentation (about the future of tv) and asked great questions. I'm wondering how to word this final "Thank You" email tomorrow, short and sweet at this point since I've been there already? Do I "thank them" for participating? Any advice would be great. Thank you.

One line you want to walk with these emails is that you want to be sincere but not too aggressive with your thank you. I agree with others that short is the best option.

I would definitely be short and sweet. These people will get a ton of email but they do appreciate the gesture. Say that you enjoyed meeting them and talking about XYZ and then let them know you're available for any follow up questions.

Best of luck!

Congrats on making it to the final round! I would definitely send individual thank you emails to each person. If you can remember an anecdote or valuable question during the process, reference those in the email.

Also, this is your chance to re-answer anything that may have tripped you up.

Lastly, be sincere and thankful.