Just started a few weeks ago as a coordinator at an event planning agency. When will I feel less nervous every day?

I've been on the job for two weeks, and I'm loving it...for the most part.

I misfired an email the other day and my supervisor was super curt with me. The client didn't seem to care but it felt horrible to have my supervisor seem upset. I can't stop replaying it in my head. I went to the bathroom and bawled that day.

Every since it happened I feel nervous and worried about making more mistakes. It's taking me a lot of time to get things done as a result, because I'm making sure I'm researching thoroughly and writing emails properly.

Is it normal to feel like this? When will it better?! Any words of advice from people who have worked in this field or gone through similar things?

Great advice. In the great scheme of things, you wont remember this happened. But, I see another thing for you to work on. The professional relationship between you and your supervisor is important. The best supervisors are mentors and coaches. Your choosing the word "curt" leads me to believe you may need to work on a supportive relationship with your supervisor. Remember, not everyone in a leadership role is comfortable with their role either and may be getting the same curtness from their supervisor. Take some time to engage your supervisor in discussions around communications quality from his/her perspective. Asking advise is a great conversation opener. If he/she has good leadership qualities, they will engage you in the conversation. Look for their expectations and achieve or exceed them. I always tended to work with my supervisors in the Vidal Sasson thought, "If they look good, you look good." No, don't say that out loud. Just follow it. Remember, as you go up the food chain, your feeling of security takes much longer to acquire. You will make mistakes at all the levels you achieve. Part of being human. It is how you embrace them and move on shows character, integrity and confidence. Two weeks is a little early to be feeling comfortable as an individual - so develop team relationships and don't go it alone. Congratulations on your new job. You will do great.

Someone once told me something pretty interesting about these kinds of mistakes (you know, the kind that you won't remember in a year). Be like a live radio show host. If a radio show host makes a mistake on air, he or she doesn't have time to get stuck on it or it would ruin the show! Email misfires happen, and they happen less and less with time as you get into a groove and your confidence grows. Managers get frustrated, and sometimes they show it. An email misfire doesn't mean you're a failure in your manager's eyes or that you're doomed to be failure.

The sooner you forgive yourself and stop replaying the event, the sooner things will start to feel smoother at work - you'll be able to execute with less fear and that speeds up execution. But keep in mind, you WILL make a mistake again and you WILL move past it! Rest easy knowing it's all going to get easier in time.