my first ever cover letter

This is my first time applying for a promotions internship (in the broadcasting industry) and is my first time doing a cover letter. What are the main key points I should focus on in a cover letter so I don't seem like I am out of my league. I have a cover letter drafted how ever I would like to adjust it to your advice and later attach it here to get your feed back. Thank you in advance for your help

This was helpful for me as well thank you Michelle and Chris!

Hey Tg12200! What leads you to believe you might be out of your league? Did you study broadcast, communications or something related (or that you can relate)? Any previous internships? If so, you're probably in a great spot. Happy to discuss more if you want.

A basic cover letter structure -

* Paragraph 1 - 1-2 sentence(s) on the role you are applying for and why you're interested
* Paragraph 2 - 3-5 sentences on how your educational background, previous job/internship experience and/or eagerness to learn relates to the internship. Be sure to connect back to what they've outlined in the job description. Also, remember that you don't need to tell your whole story here -- the cover letter should just help the hiring manager understand that you're a qualified, promising candidate to interview
* Paragraph 3 - a request to be considered for the role and schedule an interview

Keep in mind that there isn't a perfect cover letter structure. No one-size-fits-all.

Happy to take a look at your draft next if that helps. You can just paste it in a comment (Just remember to remove any personal identifiers like your name and address, and even the company name.)

+1 to this. If you follow Michelle's formula, then you'll have a really good template to work off of.

Only thing I will add is that you should read the entire job application. There will often be a question you need to answer in your cover letter, and from personal experience, many people don't answer the question. If you're one of the few candidates who does, then you'll put yourself at the top of the list.