My background is in communications and the jobs I have been applying for are PR internships. I don't specifically have any agency experience in college(a lot of my pr/marketing experience comes from volunteer work. I am seeking a pr intern role for a "pr boot camp"). I recently met with a staffing agency that was looking for a level 2 (jr PR position) for a well-known company. I personally had declined it because of my lack of experience, I didn't want to over sell my self and be overwhelmed in a position I don't have much experience in. Did I make the right decision? What do you think I should do the next time I am offered a position I'm underqualified for. Some have told me I should have taken the position and learned on the go. ​ I was also asked what possible salary I was looking for. Given that this is my first time negotiating a real wage out of college I wasn't sure how best to answer that for an intern/jr position. The figure that was reached was between $40-$45k