public relations question

I'm a 5th year and in public relations student society, what is the best way to utilize my experience with prssa on my resume

Hi Irissan, great career direction choice. I also studied PR and it has been a wonderful career for me so far, ten years or so later. PRSSA is something you're going to want to list on your resume at the bottom in a section you can designate Organizations & Skills (or something comparable). Just like you would for your "Work Experience" section (which should the focal point of your resume), you'd add a few bullet points relating to the role you held at PRSSA (if any) and what you accomplished. If you did not hold a role and you simply participated in PRSSA meet-ups, no need to add supporting bullets but you'll definitely want to list the years you participated in PRSSA and the chapter on your resume. I'm able to help you with a resume review if you want! Two ways to do this (1) remove personal identifiers from your resume and post it on Huttle so the community can help you with edits to make it stronger (2) send me your resume directly at (That's right, no "m" on the "com" of my email address.)

Let me know if you have other PR career-related questions that I can help you with!

Although I'm not nearly as experienced in the PR world as Michelle, I'd say that finding how to put anything on your resume is tricky, but if you need help getting started, I used a template when I was first getting started.

- Include the name of the organization, your role, how long you have been a part of the organization, and a one liner about what the org. is to give some context.

- Include at least 3 bullet points about what your contributions were to this organization. Anything less than 3 and the job experience looks a little too light on first glance.

- When talking about anything you've done, try and be specific to show you know what you're talking about and include keywords that might be relevant to the job. For example, instead of saying: "Helped plan events on campus" you might be better off saying "Organized five on-campus events with responsibilities that included designing invitations using Adobe Photoshop and distributing invites across campus through Facebook Groups/Events, Instagram hashtags, and other social media channels."

Reply back if you need anything else!