I am searching for a new job in analysis. I went through a final round interview last week (2 rounds plus the phone screener). I received excellent feedback. The recruiter/talent manager communicated to me that the team had nothing but amazing things to say about my interviews. My background, skills, long-term goals, and team chemistry were all a perfect match for the role. I even brought in an example of a report (scrubbed) from my previous job that is similar to what I would potentially be doing.

I also took an assessment as part of the interview last week, which I felt could have been way better. I ran out of time, but when I got home, I immediately followed up with an email and sent in the additional information that I originally missed out on due to the timing. The team was really glad that I took the initiative to send that over, as the additional info gives a more complete picture of my analytic ability.

The interviews were outstanding, but the assessment 'left the door open', for other candidates to prove their value for the opening. I did not 'knock it out the park', unfortunately. A missed opportunity to close the deal, but I am determined to still win out over the competition. The last update I received said that I am a viable candidate but the final decision has not been made yet, as there are a few more interviews left.

But, now in this position, what can I do to stay on top of the team's mind while they continue to interview a few other candidates? 

Is there anything that I can do at this point to sway their decision in my favor, so that they ultimately decide to hire me?

I was planning to send a follow up email about recent news/latest trends that relate to a topic of conversation from the interview or to the industry/company/job. Should I email all managers I met with individually or copy all of them on one? 

What are some other strategies to stay competitive during this post-interview time?

And while this is out of my hands, I was just wondering: do hiring managers continue to interview candidates because they were already scheduled or because they want to leave no stone unturned? Would they cancel all other interviews immediately after a candidate blows them away, or do they continue to interview candidates regardless?