Questions to ask in an interview

At the end of an interview when the interviewer asks "Do you have any questions for us?" What are some good questions to ask?

The best way to deliver a kickass response to this question is to research the person and company you're applying at and come up with personalized questions. That way you'll appear super insightful, and it shows the interviewer you put in the work.

Some potential lens I like to view through when coming up with these personalized questions would be:

- **What news articles can you find about this company? Do any of these news articles suggest a recent change in product or business direction? How might that affect your interviewer and this role?** This kind of question shows you researched the company and care about its success.

- **For the interviewer, what has their career journey been like so far? Did they leave any really cool companies to join this company? If so, why did they leave? ** This kind of question shows you looked into the interviewer, and the answer allows the interviewer to sell you on the company

- **If you're interested in growing at the company, find out if there is room for growth into XYZ division of the company/role?** The idea here is that lets say you're interested in PR but you also want to expand into product development then you can find out what your growth track might look like. Bonus, you also show the interviewer you're interested in long term contribution to the company.