I just started working in recruiting and exploring the field, any advice?

Hi Hluis,

Recruiting is an awesome, challenging, and very rewarding career. I never saw myself falling into it, like many people, it just kinda happened. I am curious what type of recruiting you are doing, but I will give advice based on both. If you are working at an agency, its all about hustle. It can burn you out, but think of it like training camp 2-3 years in an agency role (or more if you LOVE it) will be the best learning experience of your career. Because it is all about hustle, there are highs and lows. Your first 6 months especially will see you have some great wins and some very tough losses. Don't let it get to you too much, just keep working. It tends to balance out after that. If you are working as an internal recruiter, learn as much as you can from your head of talent and/or hiring managers. They are going to be the one's who really drive process and will teach you everything you need to know to someday own that hiring process. Both pieces of advice, also apply to the other as well, just at different times. I hope this is helpful, and would be happy to discuss more!

Hey Hluis,

I'll admit I'm not in recruiting, but I'll do my best to find a recruiter to answer your question. But, in my experience with recruiters and talking to friends who are recruiters, best advice would be to be a really great people person. People who would be good for the job you're recruiting have a high chance of having multiple offers so giving your potential hire a good experience is super important because if they work with you then you have a hire that you can easily place. And, if not they don't work with you, then they might refer you to their friends and give you access to a new pool of potential hires.