Hello Huttlers,
I have LinkedIn and Resume questions, I have also provided a quick background.
I started out as an intern in March of 2017 at a small boutique PR firm, quickly rose to account coordinator and am now an assistant account executive. I have accomplished quite a bit in my one year such as managing an account, and exceeding media placement expectations. With my experience and accomplishments I'm trying to have this reflect my LinkedIn and resume.

• How should I list each title on my resume if each title had more responsibility from intern to AAE? Should I list the three positions as one job or should I have the same place of employment listed three times if that makes sense? And how would you recommend I describe each position?

• Would you provide me feed back on my LinkedIn, it's my resume with more information. ( https://www.linkedin.com/in/rayperezjr/)

• Right now I am in professional services where I'm involved with healthcare, some real estate, insurance, and financing. If I want to interview at a public affairs firm (dealing more with policy/ politics) or even tech, how would you suggest I talk about my experience in healthcare/ insurance to relate in to those specific fields?

Thanks again for any and all feedback.