Hello Huttle, I made a connection with someone in a PR firm, I sent them my resume which they critiqued.They said once I addressed their critiques they would introduce me to their vp, I'll post their feedback below. I'd like to get your perspective if you think I addressed their critiques.
•(Critique)I would replace your experience/skills section with a brief introduction (3 sentences max). Who are you? What kind of skills are you looking to build? What type of work are you interested in? What are your career aspirations?
(previously I have been told by other pr professionals to take out an intro to a resume and replace with skills, however, I still managed to address the critique and still insert skills. Do you think that still works?

•their critique --> show off a bit more by emphasizing achievements instead of responsibilities. Achievements are illustrative examples that imply a lot of the tactics you used.(I'm not sure I was able to address it, would you recommend anything? your thoughts?)
• critique-I would also consider being a bit more fun in your resume design layout. The communications world allows for some creativity and personality.
(I completely revamped my resume; in your opinion, ​does this meet the creativity test?)
I attached my old resume as well as the updated one so you can see the one I sent to the one I want to send
Thank you again in advance
Here is my old resume file:///Users/rayperezjr/Downloads/Raymond%20Perez%20Resume%202.htm