I'm a recent college grad and my plans were to continue working in sports broadcasting like I did with my college. Now that I'm job hunting I'm running into a wall where I'm not getting any interviews or offers despite having 2 years experience in the industry. I'm stuck right now cause I'm planning on moving back home and it's an area with plenty of broadcast opportunities but I'm just not hearing anything back. My dad offered me a position with his company where I would still be involved in video production and journalism (my major) but I wouldn't be in the broadcast or sports entertainment industry like I want. I need the money and wouldn't be opposed to exploring this new career path (it has a nice salary bracket with experience) but I'm apprehensive about giving up on where I want to be. Should I accept the position or continue job hunting? Is there shame in accepting a job offer from a parent?

TL;DR: Dad offered me a job but it's not in the industry I want to be in. Should I accept the offer or keep job hunting and is there negative stigma from accepting a job offer from a parent?