Should I ask my coworker to connect me with a job at another company?

I have a coworker who I'm good friends with and she has a friend at a company I really want to work for. Is it a good idea to ask her to make an intro?

I am in the same situation haha

I think it’s risky, but if you’re really cool with her, then maybe she’ll have your back

Haha that’s crazy! Thanks for the tip and best of luck to you

Forreallll! I’m not as close with my colleague, so I’m hesitant on asking for the intro. But sounds like you have a strong relationship with yours.

Likewise, hoping it goes well for you!

If you're really close to her, then start with a quick convo to see if she's also thinking about leaving. If she is also looking to leave then you're both in the same boat and you can ask for the intro.

if she's in love with the company you're both at, then tread lightly. She could say something to your boss or or someone and get you in trouble.

I wouldn't. It's too risky. See if you can find another way in. Who knows, your friend might be a snitch