Hey everyone, (sorry for the long post, but I'd appreciate any feedback)

I'm a marketing student who has one last internship before I graduate (Fall 2017). I've interned at a huge sports media company two years ago, but I was in a position completely unrelated to marketing. I was just happy to be in the company. Every semester I keep applying to this company and didn't hear back (very competitive, my lack of experience).

Last summer, I had an internship at a sports/health event mgmt. The company was small (3 person firm) and the job was unpaid so I had to quit after 3 weeks (financial situation came up). This position is the closest I have to "marketing". But the fact that it was only 3 weeks - I would write April-May - doesn't sound too good, or is that fine?

My question is this: Should I include this unpaid internship on my resume (which I had to quit), but learned a couple valuable things, or keep it off to be safe? I'm not sure what my old boss would think if this huge company called to ask about me.

Any and all advice is much appreciated! Please ask any questions if I was unclear. :-)

Thank you!