Should I pursue a career in Public Relations or Journalism?

I just graduated with a degree in journalism and a minor in public relations. I absolutely love writing, but I'm also a bit discouraged about the entry-level salary for new journalists. Public relations is super interesting to me, but my first love is writing. I'd love to hear from people who studied similar things and are now in a PR career or reporting! How did you pick your path?

When I graduated I was in a similar situation. I ultimately decided to go into public relations because of the diversity of things I would get to work on, including writing daily for my client's blog. I can't speak too much to a career in journalism since I've stayed in the public relations profession since graduation, but I know that I was able to secure a higher starting salary in PR than I would have been able to as a writer or blogger. It really comes down to personal preference: both paths offer wonderful opportunities for learning and you won't be locked into one path. Many people in my network have toggled between being a journalist and PR roles. Perhaps try your hand at what you're most interested in now or where the most opportunities is and then reflect in a year or so about what you want to do next? You won't be pigeon-holed into one path this early in your career!

I'm not in PR, but I will say that I debated a job in publishing and journalism. The thing that blew my mind about publishing was that the salaries are pretty bleak. In NYC, the starting salary for an assistant editor is in the low $30,000s, and the room for salary growth is pretty small. There's a handful of people who make more than $100,000, and those people aren't even Senior Editors. We're talking Editor in Chiefs and heads of departments clear the $100k level.

Someone I knew made the switch from journalism to a copywriter at J. Crew, and I think she got a 50% raise switching over to J. Crew. Money isn't everything, but it's something to consider.