Should I take a job as a receptionist to get my foot in the door?

So I am about to graduate college, and I am trying to get a job in the music industry. I've applied for about 50 positions and haven't heard from any, until today I got an interview for a receptionist position in a branch that I would very much want to work in. The job is in LA and I want to relocate there after college anyway. Would it be a bad idea to go the receptionist route assuming it might bring more opportunities? I'm not having any luck and I'm thinking becoming a receptionist would allow me to start making connections and getting involved with the company. I would make it clear in the interview that I'm looking to grow into a different position as well. I'm just wondering if this is a terrible idea and if being receptionist is a terrible way to enter into a company.

This is all under the assumption I even get an offer, but I just wanna know if I'm wasting my time.

Though it might seem like a good idea to get your foot in the door, I've seen a lot of people get pigeon-holed into a specific job once they start down that track. If you can, it might make sense to continue to apply for jobs that you're more passionate about even if it means the hunt will take longer.

TL;DR - a little more time spent finding the right job now may pay off later.