Soon to be college grad looking for a Summer internship

I am in my last semester of college and I have already accepted a full-time offer starting in the Fall, however I want a Summer internship for more experience in any business field. I am hoping you can give me some constructive feedback on my current resume. I have removed some personal information from it. 


All the advice above is solid. One thing I'd say is add more skills that are relevant to a business/finance/accounting role. Beyond Excel and Access, you have more Adobe skills. Any experience with Google Sheets, MySQL, etc? 

I think you have a solid, standard resume right now. The one thing that I'm missing is a sense of story. By that, I mean I'm not 100% sure what kind of job you're hoping to apply for and sometimes you don't need the exact answer.

However, it can help your chances if your resume shows a clear line between what you did, what you're doing, and where you ultimately want to go. So let's say you find the perfect internship as an analyst at Salesforce, then you'd want to maybe add two or three more lines of information about your experience with Salesforce (which you touch on in the Tesla Motors section) and maybe other CRM/analytics tools.

Or, if you were applying in an accounting role, then you'd want to beef up your accounting intern section and you'd want to mention more account projects in the Tesla section (if possible).

What you have is really good though just consider making more personalized edits based on the roles you really want

Hey Demarcus -

Overall, not a bad resume. At a first glance, it's got pretty much everything I would be looking for, but here's a few things to consider:

Since we know you're applying for an internship/job once you submit a resume, maybe remove the Objective part. It gets you two additional lines so that you can add more meaningful content later.
Your education section is a little too meaty, taking up almost a quarter of your resume. Find some spots where you can tighten up and save yourself some lines e.g. combining your cumulative GPA and business GPA and the two study abroad locations in Germany. 
Assuming you make the above edits, this should give you more space to add some details to your first two jobs to show that you're qualified for the specific business role that you're applying for.

Hope that helps and best of luck!