I took a job that sounded really great, but I've been here for a few weeks now and there's been no real training for this role other than a few documents being provided that give a rough outline of responsibilities which have proven to be only partially accurate.

No one seems very inclined to reach out to assure I'm acclimated, including my boss, and despite my asking for guidance, none has really been provided I suspect my new boss is new to their role, but has been with the organization for quite a while.

I feel incredibly lost to the point I'm not even sure what questions I should ask or where to begin. I have access to all the systems relating to my job, but since I was given such a vague overview of what my responsibilities within those systems are, it's difficult to gauge what I should try to grab.

I'm lost, confused, and concerned I'll appear to be unnecessary despite the emphasis on the excitement of having someone fill this role. Everyone seems to have adapted around the lack of it and so I feel as though I'm at risk unless I do something - anything. Help?