We're seeking promising English, Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations college students and recent graduates to educate job seekers about Huttle and drive new users during our summer internship session. The ideal candidate is currently in college or a recent graduate with a strong passion for marketing, public relations, social media, journalism, communications or branding. The summer internship will run April 1, 2016 through June 15, 2016 with opportunity for a full-time role.

What You'll Do:
Partner with Huttle's cofounders to educate job seekers about Huttle and drive sign-up using a marketing and public relations tactics (e.g., develop Huttle's overarching marketing and social media strategy, draft messaging for outreach, including press releases, blog posts and content for social media, secure media interest and coverage in local publications, attend career fairs to increase education and awareness Huttle, etc.)

What You'll Get:
First-hand experience marketing, branding, and planning in the world of tech startups for your resume; A letter of recommendation from Huttle's founders; internship credit as permitted by your school. Huttle is a bootstrapped Silicon Valley startup that's growing quickly. While this is an unpaid internship, there is potential for a full-time role.

How to Apply:
Submit your cover letter and resume to jobs@huttle.co. In your cover letter, please include an explanation on how you would approach driving 100 new Huttle sign-ups and why you're right for the role.