Love the idea of this site, but a little confused regarding its mission still.

Anyway, tapping App Support in the iOS App Store lead me here, so a post seemed the best way to get some technical performance advice. 

Was running the iOS app on iPhone 6 iOS 10.3.1. Had briefly run the app previously (unsure exactly when) but after the last update to the app according to the App Store. Second experience was much slower, laggy responsiveness to scrolling even. Tried fully closing the app and reopening, no difference. Tried the website (where I'm posting right now) via Safari with content blocker Umbra (most recent version) customized and running. It is less laggy, but scrolling while typing so I can see what I'm writing is not working correctly on the mobile site (or I suppose something weird going on with multi-device/multi-browser compatibility). Oh, and no major hiccups in internet connectivity or accessing major sites.

Currently will likely prefer the site until app is updated?

Any recommendations to increase performance for app or website experience?