The New Grad's Personal Finance Survival Guide
Personal Finance Advice For New Grads | POPSUGAR Career and Finance (

Getting a job is really important after graduating, but the other--often not discussed thing--is what to do with the money you make at your first job. Check out this post for some really good advice.

My favorite advice of all that is given in that article is to read and learn more about personal finance. I really think it's a shame that it is not a mandatory class for all high school students, but since it's not, people need to spend time teaching themselves. 

I think if people understood personal finance better, they would be much more likely to make all the other choices the article talks about and ones it doesn't talk about (e.g., pay down high interest debt, save for retirement early, etc.).

100% agree. A personal finance class would have been far more useful elective in high school than some of the things I ended up taking. 

Most important concept people fail to understand? Compound interest for both debt and savings.