The perfect resume?

I am a recent college graduate with a background in communications/marketing/and pr and I have chatted with a few recruiters each of whom have given me valuable advice on constructing my resume. However each recruiter I can tell is looking for something different and in some instances one contradicts another. I was wondering if I can please pass my resume along to some one and give them the feedback I was given. Thank you in advance!

Congrats on your graduation! Truth is, there's no such thing as a perfect resume. Every professional you chat with is likely going to have a slightly different take on what they'd like to see. That said, it's still important to get resume mentorship and Huttle can help!

Try Hack My Resume on Huttle to help you crowdsource feedback on your resume from Huttle professionals. Here's what to do:

1) Copy your resume into a Google Doc. Set the document settings to View Only. Remove personal identifies like you phone number, address, email and anything you don't want public!

2) Click Ask Question on Huttle. Enter a question like "I'm interested in a [fill in blank] career. Will you weigh in on my resume?" Enter any additional details about what you'd like Huttle to focus on. Last, paste your resume URL in the URL field, select the Hack My Resume topic and click the Share to Huttle button.

3) That's it! Your resume is now in front of professionals on Huttle who want to help out, and you will receive responses shortly.

awesome thank you!!