Tips to negotiate my salary?

Hi there -

I’m a 22 year old, Psych major and I recently got an offer for a job I love but it pays a little less than I was hoping. Does anyone have any tips on how to negotiate the offer so I can make more?


Best way to negotiate is to bring data to the table. Check glassdoor and other sites to find out how much others are getting paid and ask to at least match that.

Definitely agree that data always makes salary negotiations easier. The more data you bring about what other people in comparable roles make and that you have a hard number in mind always helps.

Nothing hurts your negotiation worse than looking like you just picked a number out of the air. You back it up with numbers and you greatly improve your chances

A good thing to do when thinking about your compensation is to look beyond just your salary. Benefits, paid time off, education budget, signing bonuses and more can all be added to a package if you want more but the company can't afford a bigger base.