I could really use someone to sound board off.

I'm currently sitting between two offers.

[a] This first is a Creative Director at a great studio doing progressive work that could be modestly improved.

[b] The second is a lower position at the Studio I have always wanted to work at, under the direction of someone I aspire to learn from. 

I'm 31, so I feel this may be one of my last chances to get some serious on the job mentoring  from a studio that does the BEST work in my field [b]

The $$ is not too different and they are located in the same city. 

What this really comes down to for me is choosing to join a studio that does things very differently, but manage to bring true humanity and best standard to the craft[b] 


Take the title, gain access to the resource and spot light, and see where my talents can take me.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.