Torn between two offers


I could really use someone to sound board off.

I'm currently sitting between two offers.

[a] This first is a Creative Director at a great studio doing progressive work that could be modestly improved.

[b] The second is a lower position at the Studio I have always wanted to work at, under the direction of someone I aspire to learn from. 

I'm 31, so I feel this may be one of my last chances to get some serious on the job mentoring  from a studio that does the BEST work in my field [b]

The $$ is not too different and they are located in the same city. 

What this really comes down to for me is choosing to join a studio that does things very differently, but manage to bring true humanity and best standard to the craft[b] 


Take the title, gain access to the resource and spot light, and see where my talents can take me.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


Take B! It is very clear in your language that this is what you want to do deep down. This is your life. Live it the way you want to. You will always have the opportunity have a nicer title at a bigger place in the spotlight, especially at your age. You may never again have the opportunity to learn from a respected mentor doing work you find meaningful.

Hey P -

I think you have to go for [b]. It sounds like that's what you really want, but I would ask another question, "Where can you learn the most?" If that's [b], then definitely go for it, but if not, take pause because I'm a big believer that pay and titles can always be found again. What matters more is which roles give you the best chance at learning and gives you projects where you can make a big impact because these projects will differentiate you later down the line and can change your career.

Hope that helps!