What are good entry-level jobs for an English major?

Any thoughts on entry-level jobs or internships for an English major?

All great ideas in here. Also wanted to add teaching.

I know a lot of people want to go down the editorial path because it sounds so amazing. I can tell you that it is, but it's incredibly difficult.

I live in Brooklyn as an Editorial Assistant, and I love my job. But, I have to make a lot of other choices because I'm not paid as much as my friends. The perk though is that I've always wanted to be an Editor at a publish company so I'm finally doing it and most of my friends hate their job.

I started my career as a junior marketing associate and it's paid off really well for me so I would take a look there. Plus, sometimes I get to exercise my creative writing skills which is nice since i paid so much for that degree lol

An English major is a great degree because it's very versatile. Almost every job you'll need to do some kind of writing so having strong communication skills will serve you well.

Some fields you might want to look into: marketing, sales, PR, account management, customer service, HR.

If you have any relevant experience that relates to math or analysis, you can expand your search to include things analyst jobs and things like that.