What lb paper should I use to print my resume on?

I read somewhere (http://work.chron.com/type-paper-should-resume-printed-on-3137.html) online that 24lb paper is good enough? Or would 32lb be better?
Anyone have any information on the topic? Thanks in advance!

Hmm..I'm going to have to disagree on this one. I'm pretty sure that no place worth working at would place even the slightest amount of value in the weight of the paper you use. It's what you put ON the paper that counts. I mean so long as you don't print your resume on used toilet paper, it's gonna be fine. People are interested in what sort of qualifications you actually have, not your paper choice. Honestly, I have known hiring managers who would take off points for this kind of superfluousness. Because (depending on the job of course) it can demonstrate a lack of understanding of real priorities.

Unless you happen to be applying to a paper-making artisan's guild or something. Then yeah, I guess the paper itself might as well be your resume.

When I was first looking, I bought slightly more weighty paper, but I can't remember the exact weight. Paper weight is something where you just don't want to get the cheapest thing available because that's basically tracing paper. At the same time, you don't want to get the heaviest option because it'll feel like cardboard in the hiring manager's hands. I would look at what is standard printer paper and maybe go one grade above that.