What options would a University student that is interested in AR/VR have if their university does not have any courses related to this?

I want to know at what resources I can look into to become better in this field.

A lot of the basic classes that you'll learn as a CS student are going to do a good job of preparing you for developing for a VR/AR system. Algorithms transfer over regardless of the language or specific use case. That said, here are some tips to keep in mind when picking classes and electives:
- Try out a class on computer graphics modeling. A lot of the principles that you learn there (setting cameras, lights, primatives, etc) are directly applicable for AR/VR.
- Some video games engines are used to drive VR worlds, if your school offers any classes on video game programming you'll want to sign up. You can then reapply your skills from video games to VR. The Unreal Engine works for both games and the Vive for example.
- Speaking of the Unreal Engine, learn C++ and learn it well. Hopefully your school is already including it as part of the curriculum.
- Visit the developer portals for the AR/VR tool of your choice and figure out what tools they use, then find the overlap with the classes offered in your program. Its unlikely that EE or ME classes are going to be very helpful and you'll definitely want to go heavy on the CS.

Good luck!

This is really solid advice! Thank you very much Julian!