What’s the best way to apply/inquire about a job that doesn’t exist yet?

A company I’m following posted an opening for an executive level position. This exec will be leading a brand new team that the company is building out.

I suspect that their will be lower level openings soon after the exec is hired.

What is the best way ask about this non-existent job?

My current responsibilities match the new team needs.

Should I reach out to recruiters on Linkedin?

Should I reach out to the VP who posted the opening? If so how? Should I mail my resume addressed to him at their office? He prob won’t see my LinkedIn message to him

Hey TrustTheProcess,

I would do the following:

Find recruiters for this company and reach out to them expressing your interest for the soon-to-be created role. Attach your resume and make sure your resume is super personalized for the role you want for this specific company and see if any respond back to you.

Here's a starting template:

“Hi - I’ve been a huge fan of for years, and though I’ve been a at for X years now, I’ve been keeping my eye out for opportunities at . I saw that you are hiring for a and that you’re building out a new team for . It seems my skill set might be valuable to this new team and if you're looking for I would love to chat with you over a cup of coffee."

Best of luck!

Do you know anyone at the company to get more insider information? If you have someone on the inside that might help

Definitely avoid the regular mail. Everyone uses email so stick with that. Regular also takes more time unless you pay for overnight and wasted time kills deals