When I first moved to New York, I had my newly minted English degree from UC Davis and about $5,000 in cash. I had no job prospects, but I had a dream: move to the New York, get a job at Marvel Comics or DC Comics, and make my way up the editorial ranks to someday edit the X-Men or Batman line.

Fast forward 60 days into my move. I was now down to my last $2,000, which was just enough for two more months of rent at my Brooklyn apartment. Thankfully, I had two interviews on my calendar. The first one was for an email marketing role at an eCommerce website called Quidsi which I never heard of and was based in New Jersey — literally two rivers away from my apartment.

The other was at DC Comics. In the Time Warner building. In Manhattan. Everything was perfect except for the actual job. I was interviewing for the Editorial Accounting Coordinator position. Although I didn’t know much about the role when I submitted my resume, I figured any job would get me closer to fulfilling my dream.