When should I start submitting resumes for a job in another state?

I want others to benefit from this as well, but I'm going to give details about my specific situation.

I'm moving to NYC on January 5th. When should I begin submitting my resume for various positions?

I was thinking a couple weeks before I leave, I can start firing some off, in anticipation of being called in for an in-person interview. I'll mostly be going for entry-level work.

100% agreement with Michelle that this is a numbers game, and it's better to be on the earlier side. By starting early, you'll be able to increase the # of jobs you apply to, which should lead to more interviews which drastically increases the chance of you having a job within the first month of two of you moving to NYC.

Best of luck!

Thanks, Chris! And thanks for the additional insight about my resume.

I think it makes sense to get started right after Thanksgiving -- that's what I would do anyways. That gives you plenty of runway to submit applications, follow ups, and hold several phone interviews potentially. Interviewing can be a numbers game, especially for entry level roles. Better to give yourself the advantage of plenty of lead time. You can always explain your start date requirements, and I think the right employer will be just fine waiting a week or two for your move to NYC. If they need to move faster, it's not unheard of for an employer to fly a candidate out for in-person interviews. Good luck!

Thank you for the advice! I appreciate it.

Any time! Happy to help.