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Thank you so much for your feedback. I personally do not want to go back into a brick and mortar store. I have been interviewing for tech recruiting companies, financial advising companies, and insurance companies. Does this revision make my objectives more clear? Should I completely eliminate the word "management"? I'm not sure if it comes across as overly ambitious.

I am currently viewing your Udemy class. It is very helpful. 

Hi Chris,

Thank you so much for all of your feedback it was extremely helpful. I just uploaded a photo of the improved version. Per your suggestions, I eliminated the grey bar, added bullets to make my responsibilities a bit clearer and added more skills. 

I have a few questions: 

1. Are there any skills that you think I should eliminate?
2. Do you feel that the layout is better or that it makes things unclear? 
3. Do you think my content is relevant?
3. What do you think I could do to improve my resume? 

Thank you so much!