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Hi Chris!

First of all - thank you so much for giving such detailed feedback! I'm honored to have the founder personally dissect and analyze my resume. I've been to my university's career center a couple of times, but it all felt very textbook to me so it's really helpful hearing from someone who's experienced in my field. Thank you very much for creating Huttle and being so dedicated - I really appreciate it! This is a bit long of a response, but I do hope you will read until the end - I apologize in advance for the length!

I will take your points into consideration and improve upon my resume. I've received mixed feedback regarding the color, but a lot of people at career fairs tend to give good comments so I alter it depending on the company and the job. Seems like it's better to have it when you're at a huge event like a career fair, since it helps stand out. 

It's actually great that we've connected, because I do have a couple of questions I would love for you to answer if you have the time. As an aspiring young professional, the past few weeks have been a constant struggle of finding the right jobs with the right companies; to be honest, I don't even know what job title to look for when I'm job hunting! A couple I've looked for include coordinator jobs and associate jobs, but it seems everybody either wants someone with a lot of experience or are looking for sales positions. I don't want to underestimate myself and settle for a job that doesn't fit the skill set I've developed while in college, but I feel like I'm kind of in that gray area between a complete blank slate and a mid-experienced hire. 

I agree with your sentiment about the cover letters, and I spend a great deal of time crafting them, so I've been lucky enough in the past to frequently land interviews. However, the jobs I've applied to before had significantly fewer applicants, and I'm starting to get very nervous about having to compete with so many people over one spot. 

I think I read from one of your comments that you were originally an English major who switched into Marketing. If you have any general advice for me in regards to the search process, cover letter writing, or interviews (I feel so lost!), please do share!  Thank you very much again!