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📍 Oakland, CA
📖 Founder of Huttle. Marketing. Worked at 5 startups. 2 acquired by Amazon. 1 acquired by Walmart.
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Thanks for sharing! We want Huttle to be a platform to share and get advice for all things related to your career, and money management is definitely part of that.

Glad to have you as part of the community!

Check out to find a list of entry-level jobs. We're also working on adding filtering by major which should help!

Mentorship is definitely important, and if the company you're with isn't offering it, you should start by asking to schedule a reoccuring one on one if possible. Even if it's just 30 minutes to walk around the block or get some coffee. Having a time each week to talk over issues is super important.

If your company/manager isn't interested in that, then it's an indication that you should start to look elsewhere.

“I'm running into a wall where I'm not getting any interviews or offers despite having 2 years experience in the industry.”

This is your problem. Ask yourself why you aren’t hearing back. If you really think about it, people aren’t buying what you’re selling so you need to reposition what you’re selling so people are interested in buying it.

I highly suspect your resume has some areas where you could tell a tighter story and get an interview. Start there.

Yes, if it’s an opportunity that gets you excited and you’re curious to learn more, go down that path.

I had a former boss who was very introverted but was a phenomenal salesman. He brought a different perspective than extroverts and I think it’s what made him unique.