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Hey Ray - This is a really good question, but it's pretty complex. Generally, a three-paragraph structure is good and it should all fit on 1 page.

Paragraph 1 you'll want to intro yourself and how you found out about the job and close with why you think you're the best fit (aka your thesis).

Paragraph 2 support your argument that you're the best. Talk through relevant job experience and what you learned or did there that proves you're great.

Paragraph 3 wrap it up and tell them that you hope to connect with them soon.

I also put together a more step by step tutorial on my Udemy class. Here is a link that will allow you to sign up for the class for free:

Let me know if that helps!

This is really helpful. If you can post your resume in a google doc or take a picture of it but hide out your personal info, the community can look and give you tips.

Hey Sumit -

Thanks for sharing your story. To best help you, we could use some more information.

You said you worked at a few good companies before moving. What were they and what did you do? Getting a better sense of your experience to date will help.

Also, how long have you been out of a job? In my experience there are a lot of NJ and NY companies that need engineers so i feel we can get you on the right path with more information.

You should wait until you get called in for an interview. It's too presumptuous to attach a letter of recommendation when you haven't even been called in for an interview.

But, that means your resume and cover letter should be good enough that you get the interview so you can use your letter of rec. If you need the recommendation to get to the interview, it means your cover letter and resume aren't working hard enough

It's absolutely insane!