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I 100% agree with this advice. The biggest battle you have in trying to get from applying to the phone screen is answering the question, "Why am I a better person to call than the 20 other people who applied?" If you don't have a good answer, then you need to spend more time thinking or more time working on projects that you can stand out.

Best of luck!

Thanks for sharing Tim! Great stuff!

Thanks for sharing and joining Huttle!

Hey Raymond - a lot of really great comments below, but I'm thinking maybe you want to split your post up a bit. There's quite a bit of content in here and it might be easier for the community to tackle things in chunks.

But, I'll help with your Linkedin question. Your most recent job details are pretty lacking:

• Craft pitches and secured local and as media placements that resulted in increase revenue for clients
• Write press releases and blogs
• Assist in crisis managementas
• Manage social media engagement
• Manage client accounts
• Coordinate and prepare clients for broadcast interviews

This is really good on sucincitness but recruiters want more information. Who did you manage client accoutns for? What social media engagement did you do? What was the result? Remember, always answer the following questions with each bullet point:

1. What did you do
2. How did you do it
3. What was the result

The best questions are ones that involve some research. Google the people you're speaking with and the company. Learn about new challenges for the company and ask about how this role might help those challenges.

Or, ask your interviewers about their journey and why they left company X to join the one you're interviewing at.