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Practicing will definitely help, but I’ve always been nervous for these situations and it shows.

When my nerves get to me, I tend to freeze up and then my responses are less coherent.

But you’re absolutely right, more practice will help me a ton!

I’m not the most personable or approachable person. And I have been told I have a serious demeanor. I’ve never been good with first impressions, but of course after people get to know me I open up more and I can shatter any preconceived notions.

My facial expressions are mostly neutral (like resting b face, but worse), and I think that makes people uncomfortable.

And most importantly I have social anxiety (which I have been going to therapy/been practicing meditation). So when I sense people get uncomfortable in interviews, it makes me more uncomfortable and it just shows in my responses and body language.

So when that happens, to no surprise, I receive notification that the team moves on with another candidate.

Never thought of that before, but that’s a savvy trick. A good way to compose myself before the response without having an awkward pause after their questioning. Thank you for sharing that! It would definitely come in handy on Wednesday.

That’s a great idea! I’ll practice by recording myself, so I can hear where I can improve my responses/story. Extremely helpful advice; I really appreciate it!