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I'm not really in finance, but one piece of advice would be to not limit your job scope to entry-level jobs. With an MBA, most hiring managers filling entry-level jobs will actually reject you because you're over qualified. 

As you make your way higher up in your career, it might make more sense to look at your network and see if anyone can connect you with a finance manager, accounting manager, operations manager, director of finance, etc. type positions. Also don't forget to use your MBA university as a resource. Often they'll be able to make connections that can help you "skip the line" and get connected to the hiring manager before anyone else. 

It's really cool that you shared this. I'm going through something similar right now so I really appreciate it.

Got it. Any other analytics tools I should look at besides analytics.twitter and business.facebook?

For your first job, the challenge is simply getting your start. Be open to new opportunities at companies big and small. Be open to job titles you've never heard of, and follow what interests you.

Also, remember that your first job won't be your forever job. You'll probably move within a few years so look for a job that can get you started and then see where life takes you.

+1 to all of Michelle's advice. Starting off in marketing or PR in a big city like New York will mean you'll have to scrape by with a lower range salary, but it can be very rewarding and over time you'll be able to make much more. 

I made it off of a sub-$45k salary and I'd definitely do it again.