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Hi Palcantara,

I'll piggyback off of this real quick. Radley has a point and it can work if done right, especially for sales roles. Sales managers want a sales team that loves the hunt and if you can demonstrate that it's great. My best peace of advice, is make sure you are 100% qualified for the role you are reaching out to the hiring manager for. If you are not, they will pass you up. Hiring Managers do get reached out to a lot so just back sure that you are confident you are a great fit for the role being advertised.

Hello! This is a problem I hear about a lot from candidates. As I lead the talent function at my company, I can tell you that I am receiving multiple messages on a daily basis from candidates. I try my best to personally respond to all of the messages but certain days are harder than others.

There are probably two main reasons you would be reaching out to a recruiter: 1) You've seen a job opening you are interested in and 2) You really love the company and want to stay connected. If it's the former reason, rememer that multiple candidates are doing the exact thing you are. So if you are interested in the job and truly feel you are qualified based on the job description, then reach out with specifics on why you are the right fit, what you've done in the past that makes you right for this job and how you can be a game changer. Don't make the recruiter do too much digging to figure out who you are, but at the same time try not to write a novel. Less is better, but don't forget to align your skill set with the job description.

If you are reaching out because you just want to network or because you love the company, its great to list what skills you bring to the table, what you want to do next in your career and why you are passionate about the company. Let the recruiter know you are inviting them to connect and that you would like to stay on their radar. Suggesting a coffee is always fine as well, but don't be too upset if it can't happen right away. The next thing I would do is follow the company on Linkedin and Glassdoor so you can be alerted on new job openings. Once you see a job you are interested in then reach back out.

Hi Palcantara,

Good question. I think if you have their e-mail address it's fine to reach out but Linkedin is probably better so that they have a record and can go back when they are looking for the role. In regards to subject line, I think keep it informative. You don't have to spend too much time thinking of a clever subject line. They will open it. At the end of the day it comes down to whether you have the right skills for the job.