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+1 for changing your Career-Related Experience section to bullet points. It makes it easier to read.

I think your objective section and the columns of bullet points actually hurts your resume because it slow me down from getting to your technical skills, which is the most important section for a Systems Engineer. 

Whoa. I've never really thought about it this way before. Thanks for this!

If you like social media, then take a look at social media jobs. But when you apply, make sure to focus on more than the number of followers you have or that you use facebook and snapchat a lot. Lean on your excel skills to show that you can do more than just post and create content. 

Thanks for this answer, David. I'm in a similar situation so these tips are great. 

Thanks, Emily. Some friends told me to use one offer as leverage against the other too, but I'm afraid that the company I prefer might not be able to match it. If they can't match but I still want to work there, will it make me look bad?