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I actually worked at Elite Daily for 9 months as their health editor, and before that I was doing health/entertainment stuff at The Huffington Post for nearly four years. I love to write, so it's always been a ton of fun for me—but be warned that the environment is super fast-paced, and you have to be super creative and constantly checking the news. I don't have experience in PR, but whether you're a writer or you're in PR it's so, so important to network and get to know as many people as possible. That's how you keep moving up the ladder. Hope that helps!

When I first started out at a teen magazine in 2010, I was making 26k (hah!) but I quickly made my way up the ladder and am now making 95k. So you can see things turn around quickly. My advice is, when you're first starting out, get to know as many people as possible and write for free. Build up your social media presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and get your name out there. That's how you eventually make money as an editor/blogger.