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If you have a solid portfolio, I've heard good things about removing the bootcamps from your resume. Sometimes recruiters think negatively having bootcamps on your resume. It shouldn't be this way, but I've seen it.

From what I've heard, it's because some recruiters think they don't turn out quality candidates. It's sad, but I know some recruiters have been burned by hiring junior developers from a bootcamp so they speak negatively about all of them.

Really, it comes down to differentiating yourself. Can you get a unique resume? Do you have any cool side projects especially any relevant to the job you're applying for? Think about how you can stand out from your classmates.

I started my career as a junior marketing associate and it's paid off really well for me so I would take a look there. Plus, sometimes I get to exercise my creative writing skills which is nice since i paid so much for that degree lol