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Hey Chris!

Thanks for the fast response. I have a pretty good understanding of the basics regarding FB & Twitter analytics. What I'm thinking is that a non-profit might lack the budget a typical company or business would have to do promoted/paid posts and ad campaigns.

Is it as simple as trial and error? Produce consistent organic content with engaging graphics or a real purpose, and then re-evaluate after x amount of time to see which ones performed best in the different results?


Awesome!!! That was a great clarification and couple of ideas you shared Chris. I appreciate the resources and your time.


Thank you for the extremely detailed and thought out advice! I enjoy how it is sort of a roadmap of step by step of things to be thinking about and planning ahead. I'm still diving into the world of digital marketing so I have yet to be working on a client from start to finish like this! Also I appreciate the references and humor thrown in throughout :). I will DEFINITELY follow up once things get rolling.

You're amazing!