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I would give it a shot, being honest about the qualifications you do have and however it works in their process to not imply that you have other qualifications they list. I haven't had a lot of this kind of experience, but I think you just list what you do have and let them go from there. My anecdotal evidence about "going for it": When we first moved to Sacramento the newspaper was still the primary source of job offers. I saw one ad that I did not apply for on the assumption I did not have all the qualifications. Some, but not all. In addition to my own search, I went to an employment agency. I got a job very quickly. A week or two in, I realized this was the job I had not applied for directly!

I think you were going to do a presentation in my 116 class tonight. I have cancelled class due to my cold hanging on. Maybe next week?

Thank you. I told him this, but he didn't seem to understand. I know additional classes were taken, but I don't know if a diploma was finally granted. Will follow up wth him. Appreciate your quick response.