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What type of job are you trying to get? Depending on the type of job you are going for, different levels of follow up and touches/approaches could work or turn off hiring managers

First things first, you are 25 and don't have a career path that you are pumped on is no reason to be anxious. You are in line with about 90% of the rest of 25 year olds in the US. That stat might be a little high, but you were in marketing, so you get that it really doesn't matter ;).

There are a couple things I would recommend to help figure out what you want to do for the rest of life. The first thing is to realize you never have to do something for the rest of your life. 

Working in the recruiting world, I see people late in their 30's reinventing themselves. It is all about gathering as much experience as you can and then figuring out how you can apply it down the line. I understand what you don't like about sales, but what did you enjoy about sales, if anything. Same for all of the other roles you worked in. From there, try more stuff that might be a little closer to what you like and you will continue to narrow it down.

What you can do now is take a few personality or career assessments. I am a huge fan of Myers-Briggs, but there a million options. Meet with recruiters, and be honest about what you want. A lot will cut you off early and tell you that they don't work on the roles that you want, but that's good. Don't get discouraged. This is a process that will likely take years and a few stops along the way. In 10 years, when you are firmly atop the industry that was meant for you, you will look back at each of these experiences as crucial to shaping your career.

I've been in this position in my career personally, and I was really happy I took the time to talk with as many people as possible and didn't rush into anything or put too much pressure on myself. Let me know if I can help in any way!

Steve- I come across this question with recent grads all the time as a recruiter for sales, marketing, bd folks. If you are someone who enjoys working with people, and likes competition, collaboration and making money sales is probably going to be the best fit for you. Not that you cannot make money in those other professions, sales is just way better for money motivated people. Based on the majority of careers you are leaning toward, sales might be a good place to start, as marketing and sales go hand in hand, and sales experience will only make you a more valuable marketer down the line. I am more than happy to talk more about this, or give any guidance I can on the subject. Shoot me an email if you would like! radleymeyers@gmail.com

What are the responsibilities of each internship/job? What are you trying to do after school? Do you want to get into tech after college?

My advice is to weigh all of the options. Here are a few things I would consider before jumping ship. My first piece of advice is to not leave a job without another job. 1 year at a company isn't terrible if you have good reasons to leave, a few months will look pretty bad if the reason is just "didn't mesh well with the company". While that is important, a company might look at it as a "you" problem and not a them problem. Things to consider:

Is Marketing Associate the right role?
How hard was it to get the role you currently have? If it was challenging (there aren't a ton of MA roles in my experience, and a lot of competition), are you willing/able to be out of work for a little while?
Is the work challenging, and exposing you to experience that will advance your career?
Is there another team, area, function that you do mesh well within the org, that you can work towards?

I would consider all of this and then make the best move you can! Let me know if I can help any more!