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First of all congratulations on your recent graduation and taking the first steps to a fruitful career. From what I have seen, if you are looking for a high paid entry level job you must follow the money. Meaning, look for companies that have just received significant funding >$50MM or what powerhouse is reinventing themselves or breaking into new industries ie Google and Amazon with their cloud businesses. In my opinion, you will have more upward potential with companies that sell B2B rather than to consumers which tend to be more on the transnational side - not a bad way to get your feet wet but not as much opportunity to get a 'swing' deal.

That said, if you are going to pursue sales, choose an industry that you are genuinely interested in because you will have to learn A TON about the unique service/product that you are behind and competitors in which you will face. This requires focus, creativity and constant study. The money will only drive your interest for so long. Unless you have direct sales experience in the industry of you choosing, the reality is you will have to spend time on the outbound functions such as call downs, list builds, booking meetings, quoting etc. There is nothing wrong with this. You learn how to develop a pitch, handle customer objections and master your company's internal processes. All valuable things to know before you get a quota.

For young people, I think sales is a great starting place because its results driven and performance oriented which makes it easier to separate yourself from your peers. This can lead to faster promotion time and more mobility within the organization. If you like making things happen and being the forefront a business then sales is for you. Just remember, activity breeds success so you must be committed to the day-to-day. Good luck!