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Final comment, be realistic with career dreams. Some dreams require you to partner with others to pull them off. You can't always do it on your own. For these dreams, broaden your support base and work towards the end result desired.

Getting a good career position is a highly competitive endeavor. While an internship is not a requirement, it is a competitive advantage in a super packed highly motivated job market. As one who has been in a hiring position and have had over a thousand applicants for one position, internships can be part of the overall application screening process. Once again, while not required, it enhances your competitiveness.

Contract jobs are beneficial for the company offering them and are often not beneficial for a person looking to make a career move. Not all exposure is good exposure. Plot a course to get an entry level position in the area of your dreams and work towards that. Once you get into the opening role of your preferred career path, the exposure is invaluable and through solid performance you should have a better opportunity to move quickly. Plan your career in 14 month segments. Every 14 months, what should you be doing, where and what is the plan.

Do what excites you and the money will follow based on your performance. Don't chase the money. Chase the dream. Money is fleeting and not that hard to acquire when you are willing to subordinate your dreams to get it. The dream takes more work and is much more rewarding over the life span. I am sure you have a dream type job in mind. Plot a course to get there. Set a target timeline for it - say no more than three years. Seek some career planning counsel. Many good books on the subject.

Thanks. Question answered. Very nice service you are providing.