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Thank you! Solid advice that is applicable— cater my responses to this specific role, and relate my experience to what they’re looking for

And it’s a great idea to connect/pepper in my expertise to how it fits the role

I have some background in skill b, and was in a mentorship program at my current job for that skill. It was mostly high level, but I learned a lot. I def can speak in generalities, but wondering how i can leverage my mastery in skill A as the main selling point/most value for the team

Forreallll! I’m not as close with my colleague, so I’m hesitant on asking for the intro. But sounds like you have a strong relationship with yours.

Likewise, hoping it goes well for you!

I am in the same situation haha

I think it’s risky, but if you’re really cool with her, then maybe she’ll have your back